Monday, November 7, 2016

The Ultimate Reset - Honest Review

Pre Reset -

The Ultimate Reset has a bad reputation for being extremely hard and difficult. I always looked at it with crazy eyes and can even remember saying "I will NEVER do that". I had no desire to challenge myself with nutrition. I loved following my beloved 21 Day Fix meal plan (which I of course still love) but after a while I noticed I was not seeing a huge change. I guess you could say I hit a plateau with my postpartum fitness journey. There was nothing wrong with the way I was eating, no fast food, no chips, all the usual culprits of a bad diet but I did notice that I was not cooking the fresh veggies like I knew I should be. So I decided to take the plunge. On Oct. 1st I ordered the program! It arrived on Oct 7th and I began my reset Oct 10th! I did all my shopping for the reset the Sunday before. Gosh was I overwhelmed. I second guessed my decision  because it was so many new things I never tried before. I went home and prepped a few things and then started the week...

Phase One -
The Reset is all broken down in Phases. Phase One, Two, & Three. Each phase includes different supplements you take to help with absorbing food nutrients and to help with the all around cleansing factor. I set my alarms on my phone for when I was suppose to take my supplements and eat my meals which made it SO much easier! Also WATER IS SO SO IMPORTANT! You are drinking TONS of water to flush out everything in your system. Phase one I think is the easiest. Slowly you are eliminating animal proteins our of your diet. For me the meat wasn't too bad but I really missed eggs! You get to have them the first 4 days of the program. The really awesome thing about this too is that you can substitute a ton of items. The first nights dinner is salmon, since I'm not a big fish eater and chicken was a sub that's what I used. Also, that way your shopping list goes down with using things you already have.

Phase Two -
Phase two is the "Detox Phase". You add in a new supplement in this phase called "detox". So detox to me tastes SO good! Its a fiber drink but not the kind of fiber that has you in the bathroom all day. I never had any issues the entire time with that (I've been asked a few times now LOL). I felt like I had more of a handle on the program in phase 2. I knew I wasn't going to go crazy with buying everything on the shopping list. So what I did was made 3 meals, prepped them all on Sunday, and at them the whole week. It was SO less stressful and helped everything go a lot smoother during the week when I was making John and the kids meals. I think during this phase, I felt the best.

Phase Three-
THE LAST PHASE!! So for me I feel like phase 3 was the hardest. I really had to force myself to stick to my goals and not be swayed by temptations. This phase you the book recommends to eat fruit every morning for breakfast. For me I just could not do it, so I used the sub of Shakeology. They gave an amazing recipe for Shakeo & Coconut Oil (which has now become my fave) and I drank that every single morning. It really kept me full! This phase is all fruits and veggies. I planned the same way I did in week two, everything done on Sunday. I found my true love for sweet potatoes with this program as I ate them every single night!

Post Reset -
  Well I can honestly say I feel amazing. I have heard with cleanses that when you are done you automatically gain weight back afterwords. For me that is not true. If you end and jump back into eating horribly yes, you most likely will go straight back to what made you start the cleanse in the first place. For me, I slowly added in eggs and have decided to skip dairy pretty much all together. I feel GREAT! This cleanse is something that I was scared of for so long but when I decided to finally just go "ALL IN' and really commit, it was truly life changing. I now am not dependent on coffee for energy. I am not fully aware of the types of foods I am fueling my body with. I now know how to cook veggies and crave them! This program is so much more about weight loss. It is a true soul searching adventure. You must find it deep within you to truly change the way you want to be. I'm going to be doing it again in January because I just love the feeling of being on it! If the reset is something you have been thinking about please do not hesitate to reach out with questions.