Intro To Coaching

Intro To Coaching

Hello! And welcome to Intro To Coaching! I’m so excited you have decided to take a look at this opportunity and find out a little bit more about what coaches do. I would like to first start off with telling you a little bit about how and why I became a Beachbody coach. In May of 2013 I had my first son. With all the joy that new motherhood brings, my new body was something that I did not see joy in. I was unhappy with the over 60lbs I had gained with a very unhealthy pregnancy and needed a change. In January 2014, I decided to make that change, I ordered T25 & Shakeology (never tried either before) and decided to try this “coaching” thing out. I shared my entire journey on social media and connected with so many people who were going through the exact same struggles. My coaching business has blossomed from there. It has been an amazing ride, but I am nobody special, ANYONE can make this happen. Below is a few of the most FAQs I get with coaching. You may have a TON more and that is ok! Before signing up for a coach I want you your questions answered and for you to feel excited about joining our family! Here is a short video from me that explains a little but about my story on coaching and how it has changed my life!

 FAQ about Coaching 

1) What is a Beachbody Coach?
Well, first of all a coach is a normal person. You do not have to be any type of professional in the fitness world. Team Soul Shine, is made up of so many different types of people who do completely different things but have one goal in mind...helping people feel good about themselves. We have what’s called “challenge groups” in these groups, we motivate, inspire, and hold our challengers accountable to their programs and make sure they see results!
So who are your customers? Well, when I started, my customers were those who were first following my journey. They wanted to see consistency, and showing them that I took this seriously and was not going to “flake” on anything I said I was going to do!

2) I don't want to sell to friends and family
  We have all seen them before...the people who post flyers and hound you NON STOP for a sale. That is NOT us and that is NOT the vibes we want to put out into this world. As a Beachbody Coach on Team Soul Shine, that will NEVER be you. We are truly about sharing what works for us. Committing a program, sticking to it, and sharing your journey is not selling. It is simply paying it forward to others with your results and if that connects with a family member or friend then so be it. We have a ton of training on how to connect through social media to others and build relationships through things like Facebook & Instagram etc. Soaking in the trainings, asking questions, and running with it is SO important!

3) How do you make money as a coach?
The biggest question when it comes to coaching is always this. How do you make money? How does running challenge groups, posting on Facebook or IG, taking selfies produce an income. How does it even produce an income that could possibly replace a full time income?? It sound crazy and almost too good to be true! But as crazy as it sounds it really works. I am just your average everyday normal girl you would see in the grocery store and not think twice. But with consistency, dedication and the power of “pumping the well” you can make something that seems ordinary into something extra ordinary! Making your goal to hit success club which is our rewards program every month by helping 3 new people in a challenge group. Inviting people to join your team that are getting great results in your groups or people you would think would make great coaches. Overtime things come together and the compensation plan really does work for you! Commission wise, you make 25% on anything you "sell" and also get a 25% commission yourself on any Beachbody product. There are plenty of others ways to build an income which includes building your team, earning free lead commissions, quarterly bonuses, etc. Specific income questions you can ask me! I'm an open book on anything income related!

4) What kind of support do you get from me as a coach?
   At Team Soul Shine, we have a truly amazing training program, a family type atmosphere, and are truly not just in it for the “sale”. You will be guided in the right direction of what YOUR goals are! We will start with a plan that will allow you to achieve the goals you have set forth for yourself and work hard together for you to get there! You are NEVER just thrown out there without knowing what to do. I'm a very "one one one" type coach. I'm available at any time for questions or help. We first set up a time to discuss goals and where you want to be with this business.

5) Whats Next? 
     Are you ready to start this amazing journey? Or have a few more questions! Lets chat! Message me on Facebook OR email me at to get started! 

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